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2018-6-1 111간의 세계여행(중앙일보)  
2018-4-17 Yongin Everland 2018-5-1 New Zealand
2018-2-5 Wonderful Rocks 2018-4-8 Butchart Garden, Vancouver
2018-1-19_Monaco and Grace Kelly 2018-1-28 Zhujiajiao, Shanghai
2017-9-30 Rotorua, Newzealand 2017-10-13 Mt. Kilimanzaro, Africa
2013-11-29_Europe_in_pictures 2013-1-28_Russia_2ndLargestStPetersburg
2010-11-19 Natural Wonder  
2010-11-12 Autumn Around The World 2010-11-16 Autumn View of Bulguk Temple in Korea
2010-10-25 Mystery Of Pyramid, Egypt 2010-11-12 World Germany
2010-10-22 City In The Mountains, Shanxi, China 2010-10-23 Andrews Airforce Base
2010-9-27 Magnificent Bryce Canyon 2010-10-06 The Mountains Of South Korea
2010-8-8 Beautiful Island Oedo Korea 2010-09-26 Huang San Tour, China
2010-8-6 Photos Of the Earth 2010-08-07 The Most Beautiful River Sceneries in Asia
2010-8-1 The Mt. Blanc and Aiguille Du Midi Peak - the highest Mt. peak cable car lift 2010-7-30 Jeju Island, Korea
2010-7-6 Korea Floritopia 2009 2010-06-24 China's Amazing Bridges
2010-6-16 Spectacular Churches around the World 2010-6-20 From Beijing To Moscow By TransSiberia
2010-06-05 The Wave Is Where only the Invitees Can Visit 2010-6-4 ROMA in May 2010
2010-05-12 Interesting Public Places 2010-06-05 Korea's Most Beautiful Driving Course
2010-3-27 Plum Blossom In Korea in March 2010-04-11 A Walk Through The Louvre
2010-03-06 BBC World Has Selected 50 Attractions 2010-3-19 Virtual Tour of Vatican
2010-03-06 Guiding Direction 2010-03-06 Amazing Wonders Of Nature
2010-02-27 Victoria Falls 2010-2-25 Madeira Island
2010-1-13 Heavenly Places 2010-02-17-2010 Traffic Ticket Fines For 2010
2010-01-11The Heritage Of The Salinas Salt Pond 2010-01-14 Harbin Snow Ice Festival
  2010-1-2 Winter Night Festival In Seoul
2009-12-24 Christmas Trees From Around The World  
2009-12-22 Alexandria Egypt 2009-12-23 Beautiful Sites Of TheWorld
2009-12-2 Beautiful Toscany, Italy 2009-12-3 Mountains of Majesty
2009-11-24 World Famous Places - Asia 2009-11-29 Aerial Views In Korea
2009-11-18 Japan's 3 Spectacular Secret Places 2009-11-18 World Lantern Festival in Seoul
2009-11-14 Hong Do Island in Korea 2009-11-18 Lake Powell AZ
2009-11-9 North Korea Statistics 2009-11-4 Cruise Along the Danube River
2009-11-4 Flowers In Korea 2009-8-22 EquadorTour
2009-10-10 Mountains In Korea & Asia 2009-8-18 The Most Beautiful Town on the Lake, Hallstadt, Austria
2009-8-24 Space Shuttle Activities 2009-8-4 Seoul Garden Calling
2009-8-4 Space Station Construction 2009-8-3 Seoul Kwang Hwa Moon
2009-7-28 World Record Places
2009-8-1 Xinjiang China-Muslim Region
2009-7-17 Vigeland Sculptures Park, Oslo, Norway, by Charles Chung 2009-6-28 Italie
2009-6-12 Vacation Planner 2009-5-26 Birds Of Paradise
2009-5-10 National Parks of U. S. A. 2009-2-18 50 State Flowers of U.S.A.
2008-11-06 Beautiful Mountains and Peaks in Korea 2009-2-19 50 State Birds of U.S.A.
2008-9-2 Redwood CA & Crater Lake OR
by Mr. Brian Kim
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