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2020-9-16-You Are My Next Door Neighbor, by 오정학  
2019-6-24-MoonHyup-30 2020-6-20-Two Different Morals
2019-3-15-MoonHyup-27 2019-5-30-MoonHyup-29
2018-12-13-Korean War Memorial  
2018-8-18-Are We Stingless Bees? 2018-11-1 Moon Hyup-26
2018-8-9 National Seniors Congress Speaks 2017-8-1 Moon Hyup-25
2018-5-16 Going to Funeral or Wedding Services 2018-6-14 Open Letter to Chong-eun
2017-11-29 MoonHyup-23  
2017-10-1 Moon Hyup-21 2017-11-1 Moon Hyup-22
2017-9-2 Moon Hyup-20 2017-9-7 Late Pres. Park-JungHee
2017-7-7 Korean War In Our Memory 2017-8-4 Moon Hyup-19
2017-6-25 No Other Country Than USA for Korea 2017-7-1 Moon Hyup-18
2017-5-20 Moon Hyup-17 2017-5-23 70代 老人의 절규 편지
2017-5-3 Things Missing In KOrea Now 2017-5-10 Sad on Korea Election
2017-4-19 Coconspirators in Korean War 2017-5-3 Afraid If The Day To Come
2017-4-13 Restore the Rightousness 2017-4-15 Life Tips
2017-4-7 Hungnam Evacuation During Korean War 2017-4-7 Moon Hyup-16
2017-4-1 Dear Korean People 2017-4-6 Somang-17-rev6
2017-3-18 대한민국 reset할 좋은 기회 입니다 2017-4-1 MoonHyup-15
2017-3-13 Moon Hyup-14 2017-3-10 Korean President Impeached
2017-3-4-After Taking The Second Heart Surgery 2017-3-5 Moon Hyup-13
2017-2-27 Moon Hyup-1 2017-2-23 Moon Hyup-0
2017-1-1 Korea, Are You in the right Course 2017-2-6 Media coup d'état
2016-10-12 Kim DongGil Essay  
2016-12-30 In Memoriam Lee Han Chul  
2016-12-30 In Memoriam Lee Han Chul  
2016-12-23 Adieu Candle Lights 2016-12-24 DoUl KimYongUk: A Correct View Of Current Korea
2016-11-16-대한민국 주식회사 2016-11-30 오늘의 한국을 진단합니다
2016-9-15 More Precious Than Life 2016-10-3 Don't Ask These Three
2016-9-2 Prof. Hyung Suk Kim - A Conversation 2016-9-14 Awakening in a moment or thru Lifelong journey
2016-7-31 Thaad Defense in Korea 2016-8-23 Letters Of North Korean Students Escaped
2016-4-8 SeJong The Great King 2016-6-10 6.25 War That I Went Through
2016-4-6 Prof. JaiKwang Park on Hell Korea 2016-4-5 24 Things Unknown
2015-8-16 National Anthem 2015-11-3 Korean History Textbook

2015-10-00 LWV Our Story of Life-2015

2015-8-16 National Anthem 2015-11-3 Korean History Textbook
2015-7-28 Seasonal Birds 2015-8-14 Two Nuns at Sorokdo Leprosy Colony
2015-7-6 Seniors! Life Is A Gift 2015-7-24 Kim HyungSuk's Whispering
2015-6-20 True Life Story 2015-6-26 Keepers
2015-6-2 Problem Caused by Christians 2015-6-10 God's Salvation To Receive in this way, by Rev. Chi Choon Lee
2015-4-25 The Linton Missionary in Korea 2015-5-25 When Cousin Buys a New Farm Lot
2015-3-16 Congratulatory Speech to SNU Freshmen 2015-3-21 The Way-19-Epilogue by Hong S. Kim
2015-2-27 The Bible As God's Word 2015-3-13 The Way-11
2015-2-27 Does God Really Exist? 2015-2-25 Back To The Bible series -1
2015-2-9 Could Be in That Way 2015-2-16 To Be One In Spirit
2015-1-20 Superstitious Believing 2015-1-27 Christian Living
2015-1-9 Prof. Kim Hyung Seok 2015-1-15 Back To Bible
2015-1-4 Cho Gap Je on New Year 2015-1-9 This Is America
2014-12-23 Treating Caacer in Final Stage  
2014-12-23 Treating Caacer in Final Stage  
2014-12-9 Essay by Susie Kang 2014-12-12 Practical and Making Sense
2014-11-1 Think and Live 2014-11-11 Leprosy Sanitarium
2014-10-23 Echo of KAC Choir 2014-10-30 Understanding than hating
2014-9-28 Plan For Golden Age 2014-10-1 My Musical Tour
2014-9-9 Joy of Giving 2014-9-10 Internet Korea on Reunification JackPot
2014-9-3 Give A Thought And Live 2014-9-5 Korea Times On Reunification Prep
2014-8-29 National Shame Day 2014-9-2 통준위역할임무
2014-7-29 Poet Kim JiHa Essay 2014-8-15 Life Like A Fool
2014-7-5 Glancing The Pro-Japan Black List 2014-7-29 Ideal Husband Wife Relationship
2014-7-2 LA JoongAng Newspaper 2014-7-5 The Spring Time In My Hometown
2014-6-17 Kim Dong Kil Essay 2014-6-25 Getting Along Easy
2014-6-10 An Episode 2014-6-13 Naming The Eastern Sea
2014-5-29 Korean Senior Citizens Don't Look Themselves 2014-5-29 Attitude Tells
2014-5-23 Education & Nurturing 2014-5-23 Wife & Woman
2014-5-18 Memorial Day For Korea 2014-5-22 Opportune Time For Korea
2014-5-17 My Love Of LWV 2014-5-18 Favor Forgotten
2014-5-13 Can Korea Be Reborn? 2014-5-17 45 Lessons
2014-5-6 Remembering Mom On Mother's Day 2014-5-9_Dosan Ahn Chang Ho's Movement
2014-5-5 Artist Kim Ki-Chang 2014-5-6 Marriage
2014-5-3 Living As A Senior 2014-5-4 When May Comes With Acacia Blooming
2014-5-2 Opt To Be The Last 2014-5-3 An Old Man & a Woman
2014-4-10 Kim Dong Gil - Essay 2014-4-26 Alive & Dead In the Titanic Sinking
2014-4-4 To Become A Top Tier Country 2014-4-7 Winston Churchill's Humors
2014-1-30 Korea Unification -The Jack Pot 2014-3-12 Happiness Under Your Step
2013-7-19 Traveling Story 2013-8-11 Korea Unification - The Greatest Lottery
2013-6-19 In Memory of 6.25 2013-7-10 Korea Park in Turkey
2013-4-6 Good Korean Essays 2013-5-21 Korean Reunification A Big Windfall-You Tube Concert
2013-3-31 Reunification of Koreas A Big Fortune 2013-3-31 Reunification of Koreas A Big Fortune - Power Point Presentation
2013-1-15 Role of Educators 2013-3-20 What Is History, by Long
2013-01-06 Last Lecture 2013-01-06 Inspired Granny Happy
2013-01-05 Mother's Letter 2013-01-06 Good Writing
2012-09-16 A Good Idea To A Goodposts 2012-11-2 Look Out For JAPAN
2012-09-09 Beautiful Prayer 2012-09-09 The Wisdom Of Old Age
2012-06-13 The 7 Languages Used In Heaven 2012-07-15 Wanted To Compare Discarded
2012-5-31 세례 받고 10 개월 2012-06-13 Scent Of Life
2012-04-16 Very Good Posts 2012-04-16 Such A Beautiful World
2012-04-04 The Most Important Thing In Life 2012-04-16 During The Day Live
2012-04-04 Adage About Death 2012-04-04 Life In Old Age
2012-3-10 North Korea Will Collapse When China Stops Deporting Back North Koreans 2012-3-11 One Korea Road Map - The Windfall
2012-2-11 My Personal Jack London 2012-2-16 Unification Of Koreas
2012-1-16 Hong KyungRae(a labeled Korean rebel) with Martin Luther King Jr. 2012-1-22 Pope's New Year Message
2011-10-27 Transitions to Something Better 2011-12-24 Park Keun-Hae Speech At Harvard
2011-10-1 Reunification Of Korean Peninsula 2011-10-21 Mea Culpa
2011-09-06 Golden Age 2011-09-06 Samuel Ullman - Youth
2011-08-26 Letter To My Husband 2011-08-26 Alone Laughing
2011-08-02 Old Hymn 2011-08-02 Humorous Wisdom Of Life
2011-08-02 I Do Not Blame You Guys 2011-08-02 Learn The Secrets Of Nature To Conform
2011-07-06 The Fight Just To Win 2011-07-06 Just Then There Is No Time When You Think
2011-06-10 The Difference Between The Elderly And Adults 2011-06-18 Does This Person Next To You
2011-06-05 Dear Friends 2011-6-7 The Next 100 Years Of America by George Friedman
2011-06-03 The Strongest Man In The World! Mother 2011-06-03 The Letter Was A Ghostwriter
2011-05-17 Testmonials Inspiring True Story 2011-5-23 Freedom Essay
2011-5-12 So Long My Brother (아우 의 죽음), by Mr. SunHa Kim 2011-5-13 My Custom And My Age
2011-04-28 Jesus Christ's Resurrection 2010-05-10 SNU (Life Stories Winner) [Of The Life]
2011-4-16 Retired Journalism Professor Recognized 2011-04-28 Everything We Have Is The Grace Of God
2011-04-10 For Hundreds Of More Impressive... 2011-4-17 Japanese And the Koreans
2011-03-29 University Graduation Ceremony In Which 2011-03-29 One Of Coolest Christian Emails
2011-03-08 Thanks To Always (Positive Attitude) 2011-03-10 We Keep Trade With ^^
2011-03-03 Praise Is A Wonderful View Of The Heart 2011-03-03 Friendship
2011-02-19 We Recommend You Read 2011-02-21 Clear Eyes, A Great Photo And Quote
2011-02-10 Human Aspects Of President Park Chung Hee 2011-2-7 I Can Choose
2011-02-02 Couples 2011-02-08 A Collection Of Sayings Of the Old Sages
2011-1-29 My Lonely Son 2011-1-29 6.25 Korean War History
2011-01-25 Simple But Valuable Life Lessons 2011-01-26 A Year, Thank You For Your Love
2011-1-20 Rodin's Sculpture, The Burghers of Calais 2011-01-25 Heartbreaking Tears
2011-01-18 Philosophy For Old Age 2011-01-19 Cool Photos And Quotes
2011-01-14 13-Year Old Boy Bled To Write a Defection Story 2011-01-18 45 Lessons In Life
2011-01-06 The Question Of An Ordinary Housewife 2011-01-11 The Fruit Of Selfless Love
2011-1-3 조일래 辛卯年 元旦칼럼>
"<산토끼 童謠>는 누가 만들었나...???"
2011-01-05 My Life Story
2010-12-25 Beautiful Humility 2010-12-31 So Rok Do Love The Smell Of Two Nuns
2010-12-18 Minor Part 2010-12-20 Family Law As They Age And Get Along Well
2010-12-12 Age You Want Top Yourself 2010-12-12 Eccentric Old Lady
2010-12-10 Time to Do Up 2010-12-12 "지난 날의 追憶" 을읽고
2010-12-03 45 Lessons In Life 2010-12-08 Being Prosperous In Everything
2010-12-01 The Sunglasses Are Biased 2010-12-01 Things At The Last Moment Of Life
2010-11-20 Prayer Of My Life 2010-12-01 Laughing Is The Best Man
2010-11-20 Dr. In Yo Han's Lecture 2010-11-20 One Of The Stories Of American Families
2010-11-14 G20 Summit 2010-11-19 Whose Daughter's Confession
2010-11-09 That Makes Me Happy Thoughts... 2010-11-11 Veterans Day Thanks
2010-11-09 The Sixth Happiness 2010-11-09 First, Empting My Mind
2010-11-09 One Elderly Couple's Divorce Story 2010-11-09 Properties For The Inconvenience Caused Teachers To Confession
2010-10-10 Enjoying A Cup Of Coffee 2010-10-10 Dignified Life Of Elderly
2010-09-26 Three Kinds Of Grace 2010-10-10 Three Kinds Of Fatal Mistake To Regret It
2010-09-23 4 Guidelines Of The Interesting Stories Seo Mun Pyo 2010-09-24 I Have Not Got Frog, But It Is One Of Life
2010-09-23 One Of The Monk Sung Chul's Officiating At A Wedding Ceremony 2010-09-23 Hwang And Kim - Brave Brothers
2010-09-20 We Live Together As A Good Thing 2010-09-21 Origin Of The Great Tomb
2010-09-16 Run The Laundry Machine
by Sister Lee Hae In
2010-09-16 The Wisdom Of Old Age
2010-09-09 25 Kinds Of Regrets When You Die 2010-09-10 Sir Winston Churchill, Great Humor
2010-08-30 Collection Of Articles 2010-09-05 An Old Man Left In A Crumpled Piece Of Paper
2010-08-13 Scriptures Of The Jews 'Midrash' In The Story 2010-8-11 A Genius Says Goodbye
2010-07-21 The Long Journey Of Life 2010-8-2 Today's Young Old
2010-07-13 3000 Won That Brought The Happiness 2010-7-20 Korean War Vet's Luncheon Stories
2010-7-6 김선하씨의 "내가 격은 6.25, 내일을 위한 단상" 2010-7-8 National Anthem
2010-7-2 Our Heroes 2010-6-28 The Korean Christian History
2010-06-05 Lady Seok Eun OK Speaks To touch Your Life Directly! 2010-6-30 A Great Trip with Hubble Telescope
2010-06-03 Life Stories Of Successful Applicants to SNU, Contest Posts 2010-06-05 Dashing to No Future
2010-05-12 Excellent Thoughts To Keep Through Our Whole Life 2010-6-2 The Beauty of Cactus Flowers
2010-04-11 The Old Man And The Old Trees 2010-04-11 Five Kinds Of Enjoyment Of Life
2010-03-28 Memorandom Of Life 2010-03-28 The Happiness Of Any Woman Stalls
2010-3-19 This Blessing Is For You 2010-03-28 The Happiest Man In The World
2010-03-19 Japan Will Decline for Long 2010-03-13 Beautifully Aging And Wisdom
2010-03-13 We Need Nine Kinds Of Fruit 2010-03-11 In The World's Most Beautiful Receipt
2010-03-09 Korean Has A Unique DNA 2010-03-11 Best E-Mail Of 2009
2010-03-09 Let's Live Without Regret 2010-03-09 Asks Korean History
2010-02-27 Couples 2010-3-6 Cactus Blooms
2010-02-26 How Is The Judiciary Leaning Left in the Republic of Korea! 2010-02-27 Love Sonata
2010-2-12 Golden Wisdom of Golden Wisdom 2010-02-17 The Biggest Fortune
2010-1-19 Sun's Down & Stars' Twinkling

2010-2-10 Foot Steps in Life

2010-01-12 It Will Ruin The Country 2010-01-16_That's God...
2010-01-09 Saying About Money 2010-1-14 Old Barns Old People
2010-1-3 New Year Supplication  
2009-12-26 Future Of Korea & Kyunggi-Do  
2009-12-20 Secrets of Blessed Life 2009-12-25 Don't Cry For Me, America
2009-12-10 The Way To Happiness 2009-12-15 Ten Commandments Paradox
2009-12-1 Let's Live Like This 2009-12-1 Let's Live as Husband & Wife
2009-11-25 Happy Thanksgiving 2009-11-25 A Sport Called Golf
2009-11-20 Measuring Stick Of Civil Society 2009-11-20 A Lesson From Grandma
2009-11-11 Our Sons/Daughters In Harms Way 2009-11-13 Cherokee Indian Legend
2009-11-8 On John Calvin's 500th Birthday 2009-11-7 Be A Blessing
2009-10-23 What To Do On A Death In Family 2009-10-24 The Rest Of Your Life
2009-10-18 God And The Spider 2009-10-19 Happy Autumn!
2009-10-9 Learn To Live 2009-10-14 Russia Honor USA-911
2009-9-26 Turn Over Life Adversary 2009-10-1 911 Aerial Photos
2009-9-10 Beauty Of Korean Dresses 2009-9-15 The Person Whom I Respect
2009-7-22 Choose Blessings 2009-8-3 A True Korean
2009-7-11 Our Real Roots 2009-7-4 Born Again American
2009-6-8 The Age Of The Universe 2009-5-21 A Farewell Letter
2009-5-23 Ten Commandments For Each 2009-5-14 Francesca The First Lady
2009-5-2 Tombstones 2009-5-2 Letter To Wife
2009-4-11 State Preambles of U.S. 2009-4-2 Men's Answer To Maxine, Humors
2009-3-27 YangHwaJin Missionary Cemetery by Mr. Il-Lae Cho 2009-3-25 Dear Seniors a Korean & an English Poems by Mr. Byung Kim
2009-3-1 Fantastic Trip 2009-2-17 The Gift and Joy of Life

2009-2-13 Waves of the Universe

2009-2-12 Recociliation of the Creation and Evolution
2009-2-10 Blessings for Lunar New Year of Ox 2009-2-7 Hot Chocolate
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Last updated on September 16, 2020