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LWV Samulnori Team Performed at Geneva Presby Church, 2017-6-30

1. Samulnori
2. Nanta


LWV KAC Grand Dinner Honoring the Seniors of 80's

1. Autoharps
2. Guitar Solo
3. Samulnori
4. EunSol Band
5. 장검무
6. Saxophones
7. Nanta

LWV Hula Dance Class
Dance Recital 2017-4-29

0. Program
1. Hula Kahiko
2. Papalina Lahilahi
3. My Yellow Ginger Lei
4. Ka Pilina
5. Hanalei Moon
6. The One They'd Call Hawaii

LWV Hula Dance Class Hula Dance Recital


7. Rok-A-Hula Baby
8. Pua Mana
9. Nani
10. La'ieikawai
11. Soft Green Seas

LWV Taichi Dance Recital,

LWV Samulnori Team and Auto Harp team were Invited to Orange County Seniors Assoc., 2016-9-9

1. Korean Dance
2. Samulnori
3. Auto Harp

LWV KAC Celebrates Lunar New Year 2017-2-19

1. AutoHarp
2. LWV Korean Choir
3. Fan Dance
4. Nanta

Young Ok Kim Korean Traditional Dance Recital
0. Prologue
5.도라지 타령

6.앉은 반설장구-사물놀이

LWV Hula Class Recital, 2015-4-25
0. Program
1. Hula Kahiko
2.Little Brown Girl & 3.My Little Grass Shack
4.E Huli Makou & 5.Nani

LWV Hula Class Recital, 2015-4-25
6. Hei Tiare
7.E 'Ike I Ka Nani A O Poliau

8. Lei Ana O Manoa
9.Hale 'iwa Hula
10.Hanalei Moon & 11.Ka Pilana

LWV Lunar New Year Celebration, 2014-1-31
LWV Women Choir

LWV Samulnori Team Invited to Costa Mesa High School, 2014-2-7
1. Gil Nori
2. Fan Dance
3. GyoBang Dance Solo
4A. YoungNam Taryung
4B. ByulDal Gurri

Reagan Video 2012-2-10
2012-2-10 President Reagan
A Man of Faith

LWV International Festival

(1) Fan Dance

(2) Samulnori Percussion Ensemble

(3) Arirang

LWV Samulnori Group
Percussion Ensemble on 2013-3-28
on Grand Opening of Assi Supermarket in Irvine

Samulnori Percussion Ensemble Performance

2010-10-2 Irvine Global Village Festival

Evergreen Choir-1
Evergreen Choir-2
Evergreen Choir-3

2010-7-29 7-Year Old Rhema Marvanne
Sings in Korea

fwd by Katie Lee

Korean War Vet's Luncheon on 2010-7-15

(1)Commander Dan Wilfong

(2)Traditional Fan Dances
(3)Drum Duet Dance
(4)Drum Ensemble
(5)Autoharp Ensemble
(6)KAC President Commemorating
(7)Korean Choir with Arirang & Doraji
(8)Korean Choir with Old Black Joe &
Oh Susannah
(9)Mayor Kang Proclamation
(10)Medals Presented
(11)ROK's Appreciation

2010-03-10 Unbelievable Body Flexibility

2010-3-6 Drone-Controllers

fwd by Harry Bethke

2010-3-6 Queen Yuna Song

fwd by Charles Chung

2010-3-6 A Leaf Flute

fwd by Byung Kim

2010-2-8 Going Home
by Libera Boys Choir

fwd by Katie Lee

2010-2-26 Olympic Gold Medalist Yuna Kim

fwd by Janet Beach

David Phelps
O Holy Night

fwd by kimbyung

Dog Dancing Salsa

fwd by kimbyung

Placido Domingo Sings
"Longing for Kum-Kang Mt"

fwd by Katie Lee

Celtic Woman
O Holy Night

fwd by Kui Yang Kim

Amazing Grace

Born Again American
National Anthem Origin

National Anthem sung by 6-8 year old young ladies during Texas Tech basketball game 2009-3-25

Mom Song

N.Y. Philharmonic Plays Arirang
in Pyung Yang







Last updated on June 30, 2017