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Exercise and Living:



  Village residents are invited to post your experiences with and thoughts on physical exercises here.
Please click on Member News/Contact Info/, and write in an e-mail and attach your essay on the e-mail and send it.
2011-2-1 Start To Finish Your First 5K 2011-3-2 Exercise Keeps You Young
2010-11-09 Golf Manner 2010-12-03 Let's Live Healthy Lives
2010-07-28 Visage Placement Of A Novel 2010-8-22 Hiking In the Neighborhood
2010-6-30 Keep Body Temperature by One Degree Higher 2010-7-27 Ear Massage
2010-3-4 Stretching 2010-3-4 Rejuvenate Aging Joints
2009-12-21 World Data Clock 2010-3-1 More Reasons To Get A Move on
2009-12-4 Walking In The Right Way 2009-12-2 Back Exercise
2009-12-2 Exercise For Heart 2009-11-20 Balancing & Exercise
2009-10-1 Why Exercise
from Rev. Huh's Love Letter
2009-11-9 Walking Is Blessing
2009-10-7 6 Good Reasons To Exercise 2009-9-26 Excercise Restores Brain Cells
2009-9-12 Why Walking 2009-5-25 Effective Walking
2009-5-21 30 Reasons To Praise 2009-2-11 The Power of Walk
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