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Travel and Wonders of the World:



  Village residents are invited to post your memories of beautiful places here.
Please click on Member News/Contact Info/, and write in an e-mail and attach your essay on the e-mail and send it.
2014-10-4 Beautiful Sceneries in Korea 2014-10-20 Goreme Valley Turkey
2014-9-26 35 Amazing Places In The World 2014-9-28 Beautiful Islands In Korea
2014-9-19 Stunning Pictures 2014-9-24 Croatia Travel
2014-8-30 The Grand Canyon 2014-9-19 Dolmabahce Palace, Turkey
2014-8-18 South Pacific Polynesia 2014-8-24 Trans-Siberian Railway
2014-8-7 Incheon-Seoul Canal 2014-8-16 Marina Bay Sands-Singapore
2014-7-28 Korean Cultural Village - Ahsan 2014-8-6_Mont Blanc, France
2014-7-17 Bangkok, Thailand 2014-7-25 Beautiful Rio de Janeiro
2014-7-15 Vigeland Sculpture Park, Norway 2014-7-15 3 Famous Castles in Japan
2014-7-5 Amazing Overlook Towers 2014-7-11 World Beautiful 35 Restaurants
2014-6-23 Hermann Hesse's Place 2014-6-28 Prague Czech Republic
2014-6-19 Faeroe Islands 2014-6-22_12 Most Beautiful Places
2014-5-17 Beautiful Places in China 2014-6-17 Guilin China
2014-5-6 Korea Sceneries in 2013 2014-5-9_Spain Northern Tour
2014-4-7 Spectacular Nature Scenes in 18 countries 2014-4-12_Korea's 100 Best Sceneries
2014-4-4 World Famous Cathedrals 2014-4-7 Siberia Photos
2014-3-19 The Country Ukraine 2014-3-22 Niagara Falls Selected By BBC
2014-3-5 Myanmar's Golden Pagodas 2014-3-15 Albania-Only Moslem Country In Europe
2014-3-1 Sequoia National Park, CA 2014-3-3 Cappadocia, Turkey
2014-2-26 Chilbo Mt, North Korea 2014-2-28 Trips To Take In Our Life Time
2014-2-23 Hapchon Rhododendron, Korea 2014-2-26_Socotra Island Yemen-2
2014-2-10 Beautiful Road in Korea 2014-2-14 Socotra Island-1
2014-2-6 Alaska In Winter 2014-2-6 Dongchuan China
2014-1-8 Sochi Winter Olympic Facilities 2014-1-15 Seoul Evening Views
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