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  Village residents are invited to post your experiences with and thoughts on anything interesting and helpful for fellow residents here.
Please click on Member News/Contact Info/, and write in an e-mail and attach your essay on the e-mail and send it.
2015-5-10 Daughter-in-Law And Mother-in-law  
2015-4-17 Getting Old Graceful 2015-4-18 Getting Old Graceful-2
2015-3-28 President Park Visiting West Point US 2015-4-5 Movable Bridges
2015-3-24 My Gift to God 2015-3-26 Vincente Redondo Arts
2015-3-21 Human Victory 2015-3-23 Beautiful Orchids
2015-2-22 Jubail Project 2015-2-28 American Energy Revolution
2015-2-14 What Your Wife Is 2015-2-20 Raphaela Spence's Arts
2015-2-3 Picasso Paintings 2015-2-14 The 1st Korean PhD
2015-1-26 Chinese Pyramids Larger Than Egyptians 2015-1-30 Testimony of Cancer Patient Caretaker
2015-1-17 Stone-Laid Towers in NakAhn Korea 2015-1-20 Look in Spiritual Eyes
2015-1-17 12 Ways To Get Happiness 2015-1-16 Talk Earnest in Heart To Reveal
2015-1-16_How To Restore Husband-Wife Relationship 2015-1-16 Live As a Decent Human Being
2014-12-15 Rodin's Art  



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