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  Village residents are invited to post your experiences with and thoughts on anything interesting and helpful for fellow residents here.
Please click on Member News/Contact Info/, and write in an e-mail and attach your essay on the e-mail and send it.
2012-12-16 Suprise To Entertain Us  
2012-12-13 Flying Over America 2012-12-13 The Economy President
2012-12-13 Restoration And The People's Revolutionary Party 2012-12-13 Advance Letter Of Intent
2012-09-16 6.25 Korean War Sparked 2012-09-16 Unforgettable Then Impressed
2012-09-09 Japan's Brutal Realities 2012-09-10 You Are Invited To My Funeral
2012-09-09 White House National Security Adviser - 6.25 War Orphans 2012-09-09 Pro-Pyungyang Followers
2012-07-15 Zolan Painter Of Children 2012-09-09 Oratorio - Haydn's The Creation
2012-07-06 My Sincere Confession Of A Civic Teacher 2012-07-13 Secretary Of Defence, Kim Kwang Jin
2012-07-04 Pyung Yang, Psychological Anarchy Fell 2012-07-05 Five Kinds Of Miracles
2012-6-28 British Queen Elizabeth' Diamond Jubilee Pageant 2012-07-02 Jang Sung Taek, Who He Is
2012-06-14 The New Banner 2012-06-25 If Life Is Over Age 70
2012-06-13 Philosophy For Old Age Plus 2012-06-13 Dog Live In The National Assembly
2012-5-10 YeoSu Expo-2012 2012-06-13 Japanese College Student Evaluated Park
2012-5-9 Life In Two Words 2012-05-06 Truly A Wonderful Performance
2012-05-06 President Lee, A Nice Word 2012-05-06 The Republic Of Korea Now
2012-05-06 Innovative Special Mission Charged Planes 2012-5-4 Photos Of Early 1900 Korea
2012-05-03 Did You Know South Korea 2012-05-03 Warm Story
2012-4-26 Mr. Bae DongSuk, a Korean Patriot 2012-05-03 TheTrend Is A Accelerating The Collapse
2012-04-26 Humorous Sculptures Of World Cities 2012-04-26 Deux Civilisation
2012-04-26 IQ Of The World #1 Korean 2012-04-26 Hope You Enjoy
2012-04-25 Watch The Video 2012-04-25 A Day Made Of Glass
2012-04-24 Live The Rest Of Life Nicely 2012-04-25 Forces That Caused The Three Kinds Of Korea
2012-04-24 Proud Of The Republic Of Korea 2012-04-24 Magic
2012-4-23 Magnolia Flower Letter 2012-04-24 Under The Nine Kinds Do Not
2012-04-17 The Miracle Of Love 2012-04-17 Most Powerful Image
2012-04-17 Wonderful Journey With A Friend 2012-04-17 Happy Silver
2012-04-17 Memorable Story To Watch 2012-04-17 State Flowers
2012-04-17 True Meaning Of Success 2012-04-17 Four Tips For Cell Phone
2012-4-14 House wife Doesn't Work 2012-04-16 How To Live A Life
2012-4-7 If I Had My Life to Live Over 2012-04-08 The White House Presidential Secretary For Security
2012-04-04 Most Popular Videos 2012-04-05 Happy Easter & Good Friday
2012-04-04 This Is Impossible 2012-04-04 We need To Talk About Kim
2012-04-01 President Park And Professor Kim 2012-04-02 Sorok Island's Angels
2012-04-01 Remember The Pain Of Those Days 2012-04-01 Useful Information
2012-04-01 Jeju Naval Base 2012-04-01 Kim Opposed The Construction Of This Highway
2012-03-27 The Secrets Of Life 2012-04-01 Republic Of Korea,The Fascinating World
2012-3-21 Paradise 2012-03-27 Introduce A Collection Of World Country
2012-1-17 Economist's Editorial 2012-3-20 Apologize? AreYou Kidding



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