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Village residents are invited to post life essays here.
Please click on Member News/Contact Info/, and write in an e-mail with your essay attached and send it.


2015-10-00 LWV Our Story of Life-2015

2015-8-16 National Anthem 2015-11-3 Korean History Textbook
2015-7-28 Seasonal Birds 2015-8-14 Two Nuns at Sorokdo Leprosy Colony
2015-7-6 Seniors! Life Is A Gift 2015-7-24 Kim HyungSuk's Whispering
2015-6-20 True Life Story 2015-6-26 Keepers
2015-6-2 Problem Caused by Christians 2015-6-10 God's Salvation To Receive in this way, by Rev. Chi Choon Lee
2015-4-25 The Linton Missionary in Korea 2015-5-25 When Cousin Buys a New Farm Lot
2015-3-16 Congratulatory Speech to SNU Freshmen 2015-3-21 The Way-19-Epilogue by Hong S. Kim
2015-2-27 The Bible As God's Word 2015-3-13 The Way-11
2015-2-27 Does God Really Exist? 2015-2-25 Back To The Bible series -1
2015-2-9 Could Be in That Way 2015-2-16 To Be One In Spirit
2015-1-20 Superstitious Believing 2015-1-27 Christian Living
2015-1-9 Prof. Kim Hyung Seok 2015-1-15 Back To Bible
2015-1-4 Cho Gap Je on New Year 2015-1-9 This Is America
2014-12-23 Treating Caacer in Final Stage  
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