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2014-12-23 Treating Caacer in Final Stage  
2014-12-9 Essay by Susie Kang 2014-12-12 Practical and Making Sense
2014-11-1 Think and Live 2014-11-11 Leprosy Sanitarium
2014-10-23 Echo of KAC Choir 2014-10-30 Understanding than hating
2014-9-28 Plan For Golden Age 2014-10-1 My Musical Tour
2014-9-9 Joy of Giving 2014-9-10 Internet Korea on Reunification JackPot
2014-9-3 Give A Thought And Live 2014-9-5 Korea Times On Reunification Prep
2014-8-29 National Shame Day 2014-9-2 통준위역할임무
2014-7-29 Poet Kim JiHa Essay 2014-8-15 Life Like A Fool
2014-7-5 Glancing The Pro-Japan Black List 2014-7-29 Ideal Husband Wife Relationship
2014-7-2 LA JoongAng Newspaper 2014-7-5 The Spring Time In My Hometown
2014-6-17 Kim Dong Kil Essay 2014-6-25 Getting Along Easy
2014-6-10 An Episode 2014-6-13 Naming The Eastern Sea
2014-5-29 Korean Senior Citizens Don't Look Themselves 2014-5-29 Attitude Tells
2014-5-23 Education & Nurturing 2014-5-23 Wife & Woman
2014-5-18 Memorial Day For Korea 2014-5-22 Opportune Time For Korea
2014-5-17 My Love Of LWV 2014-5-18 Favor Forgotten
2014-5-13 Can Korea Be Reborn? 2014-5-17 45 Lessons
2014-5-6 Remembering Mom On Mother's Day 2014-5-9_Dosan Ahn Chang Ho's Movement
2014-5-5 Artist Kim Ki-Chang 2014-5-6 Marriage
2014-5-3 Living As A Senior 2014-5-4 When May Comes With Acacia Blooming
2014-5-2 Opt To Be The Last 2014-5-3 An Old Man & a Woman
2014-4-10 Kim Dong Gil - Essay 2014-4-26 Alive & Dead In the Titanic Sinking
2014-4-4 To Become A Top Tier Country 2014-4-7 Winston Churchill's Humors
2014-1-30 Korea Unification -The Jack Pot 2014-3-12 Happiness Under Your Step
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