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Past Presidents


Past Club Presidents:


   The LWV Korean-American Club is a non-profit organization, formed in 1999. The Club's mission is to promote fellowship among members, to keep cultural heritage, to share information on how to live healthy, and to encourage members to participate in LWV life activities as community members.

Membership Application Form is available here for download
or by contacting Club officers.



Past Presidents of LWV Korean-American Club:

year served
2020-current Mr. Yong Chin Pak
2018-2019 Rev. Peter Chong
2016-2017 Mr. Il Hong Kim
2015 Mr. Yong Chu
2013-2014 Mr. Tae Young Yoo, M.D.
2011-2012 Mr. Byung Hee Kim
2009-2010 Mr. John Jang
2008 Mr. Sang Pil Cha
2007 Mrs. Duk Hee Lee
2006 Mr. Won-Ho Chang, Ph.D.
1999-2005 Mr. Charles C. Kim, Ph.D.


Last updated on June 13, 2020